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The most efficient and effective way to achieve your desired body shape is to partner with a knowledgeable professional and commit to a regular workout schedule.


Andrew Myszak

Personal Trainer

My name is Andrew Myszak, and I can help get you started on a sound path to a stronger body or work with you through your transformation. I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with experience helping all age groups achieve their fitness goals.

My interest in fitness started when I was in Junior High, and everyone on the football team grew taller than me. When I was transitioned from lineman to fullback, I decided to ‘redesign’ my body. Since I did not yet have my driver’s license, my mom would drop me and my bike off at the high school gym for team practice. Afterward, I would ride my bike 8 miles home. My hard work and dedication that summer produced such positive results that I was fueled with a passion for helping others experience similar outcomes.

I have continued to work hard and educate myself on all aspects of fitness since that transformative summer. Eventually, I joined the coaching staff at Portage Central High School as both an assistant coach for the football team and a weight room manager. During the last four years, I have branched out to work one-on-one with individuals to obtain their physical fitness objectives.

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Michelle Smith

Personal Trainer

My passion is helping others reach their wellness goals through group training that is FUN and challenging.  I want people to look forward to coming back, stay consistent, and see RESULTS!

I have been a Certified Group Fitness Instructor for over a decade with a focus in Les Mills BodyPump (barbell), BodyFlow (yoga/pilates), RPM (spinning), and BodyCombat (kickboxing).  After co-owning a group fitness studio in downtown Kalamazoo from 2012-2014, I started Barbell Group Fitness in Vicksburg.   I recently received my Personal Training Certification and have taken courses in Bootcamp instruction.  

I now manage The Gym of Vicksburg's fitness studio, The Rec Room, and teach a variety of group fitness classes to its members.  Rec Room membership is only an additional $5 for Gym members or $15 for Rec Room membership only.  As a member of The Rec Room you may take any of the classes on our schedule or book the studio for private or small group workouts anytime classes are not in session.  Classes are $5 each or you can purchase a monthly unlimited punch-card for $25.


The Rec Room offers spin bikes, boxing bags, barbells, dumbbells, yoga mats, and other fitness gear.  We also have a 75" TV for online workouts.