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Why We Want To SAVE THE GYM:

Updated: Feb 13

Just wanted to make sure The Gym remains open and accessible to the community. I am 74 years old and have been going to gyms for much of my adult life. I consider myself fortunate to have stumbled upon The Gym. It is an asset to the Vicksburg community that pays great dividends by providing members such as myself with a place to stay physically and emotionally healthy. Thanks, for being available to our community. ~ LARRY CAMPBELL

The Gym means a lot to myself, my children and our community. It isn’t just a place to go ands lift weights or go for a run. It’s a place I can spend time with my kids, build memories and show them healthy alternatives to video games and screens. The Gym is a place I frequent 4-5 times a week and have made many friends there in doing so. Many of the people that frequent The Gym don’t have viable alternatives because of the convenience and affordability. Every one of us would be ever so grateful if you could please allow The Gym to continue its operations so we aren’t all left out to dry. The Gym gives us all a place to go and forget about whatever is bothering us for an hour. Please think of the community as every business in this town serves a vital purpose including Edward Jones and The Gym. Thank you kindly for your consideration. ~ BILL ROINIOTIS

I have been not been going to The Gym long, it was recommended to me by friends and family. I’m so happy to have joined. My mental health and motivation has improved so much since I started going. I am a college student with very limited free time, and since The Gym is local, I am able to make time to go that I may not have been able to, had I went to a different gym at a further location. The Gym is a great place, and Kathleen makes it affordable for students like me. I really hope that Jill and Matt will show her grace, because she has undoubtedly worked hard to keep her business open, and our community fit and healthy. It’s a shame to hear that The Gym may be closing. I’ve also bonded with people there, including my family. I want our gym to stay. ~ ALEXSIS ROSE

My name is Paul and I have been a member at The Gym for 3 years now! I write this letter in hopes of saving our gym. Not only does The Gym help me, and MANY others, to get and stay physically fit but it also helps me emotionally as well as psychologically! It also provides for many of us a sence of purpose and a sence of belonging. A place we can go and be a part of the community! And how much better is it that it is owned and operated by someone who spent the better part of her life serving us as a member of the Armed Forces! Saying we support our military veterans but yet our actions say otherwise is not a very good look . . . especially in small town USA! I personally am the father of a 10 year veteran of the United States Airforce and feel strongly about veteran owned business, as im sure MANY people in this community are! On a personal note, I compete internationally in powerlifting and have won several Wold titles and hold several world records and the loss of The Gym would drastically jeopardize my training and my ability to train and compete at such a high level! At the very least I ask you to please work with Vicky to find a compromise that would allow her and The Gym to stay open until the new facility can be finished? Thank you for your time. ~ PAUL COATS

To the respective owners of The Gym property. This gym gives local people a place to improve their health. Also a main positive is seeing the amount of teenagers using The Gym especially during evening and night time hours giving them recreation and fitness which may otherwise be spent on less than productive activities. Please consider working with The Gym and keeping this as the only south county of Kalamazoo fitness source. ~ STCOMP1974

I have only been going to The Gym a few months now, but I already feel stronger and it has greatly improved my mental outlook. The ability to get a workout in without a long commute is essential as someone who works 2 jobs. The Gym is well-maintained and caters to many different types of workouts. ~ DOSTER17

I am disappointed, in the gyms closing. I have lost over 100 pounds using the gym. My daughter loves to work out with mommy. I am a changed healthier person because of this. I do not have the means to get to a gym farther from home nor do I have the time. It's crazy to me that you are being forced out. The community will do what it needs to keep the gym open. It literally saves lives ~ BRITTNEY KIRNER

I can’t say enough how much The Gym means to my wife and me. At our age, it’s hard to find a place you can afford and feel comfortable working out. We love it there. The age ranges of people here vary so much and yet everyone is so encouraging and friendly. Eliminating a place to work out in our village would be detrimental to not only our seniors but younger people who are working on developing healthy habits. There are a number of things a village needs in order to retain and keep its citizens, and a gym to work out in is right at the top of that list. Thanks Kathleen for all you’ve done to give us a place to stay healthy! ~ GREG ZUMMACH

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