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Updates on The Gym Closure: JUST THE FACTS

Updated: 7 days ago

In August 2023, our local Edward Jones Advisors bought the building in which The Gym leases space. To expand their business, they are closing The Gym when our lease is up, 31 May.

They are aware that, for years, The Gym has been working on our own expansion. The old Ford building on the corner of Prairie and Boulevard was purchased in 2021. All environmental requirements have been completed. Frederick's Construction has planned, designed, and budgeted the project. The site plan was approved by the Village at the 11 February Planning Meeting.

The Gym, and other community leaders, have been looking for an interim relocation space since being advised the lease will not be renewed. Nothing affordable with sufficient space, parking, and showers is available in the Village.

If The Gym is closed in May, the new Community Fitness Center project fails. I do not see a path to continue without business income.

I have pleaded with the new owners to give us time to find a solution. They refuse to communicate with me.

Due to overwhelming community interest in saving a local, disabled Veteran's small business, a Town Hall forum is being organized for 21 February. Evening hour to be determined, but please SAVE THE DATE! Plan to attend in person at The Rec Room or online via Zoom (more to follow.) A moderator will facilitate creative thinking around both finding a temporary space for The Gym to continue operating and gathering testimonials from the community about the need for our safe, healthy place to connect. I don't believe our local Edward Jones Advisors would put a daycare or senior center out of business for their expansion. Maybe, if they understood better the community's desire for this space, they would work with us(?).

I, Kathleen, will continue to communicate updates on this blog so we can gather with a current, common understanding on 21 February. PLEASE SAVE THE DATE AND SPREAD THE WORD!

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